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The Ultimate Alien Creatures On Earth ( Comb Jellies )

The Ultimate Alien Creatures On Earth Comb Jellies (Ctenophora)

ALIEN CREATURES :- Have you seen the news about comb jellies, aliens of the sea? These amazing creatures can regenerate any lost body part in just a few days including their brains. Scientists are trying to catch and study them, to find out how they do it.

Now the regeneration talent of comb jellies is one thing, but did you know about their other qualities? Here are just a few of comb jellies’ other amazing features.

They have special cells that can produce and spit out glue. No other animal species has this. They use this feature to catch prey, of course. 

They can be so thin (only one or two layers of cells) that they practically disappear when captured.

They can quickly adapt to different waters. If they suddenly find themselves in less salty water, they can adjust their internal pressure to survive.

As was said above, they can regenerate any tissue, even their brain, in just a few days.

Some of them can also clone themselves. They lose body parts and these parts develop into new comb jellies.

Most of them are hermaphrodites, i.e. both male and female. They fertilize themselves.

When times are tough and they can’t find enough food, comb jellies quickly adapt by stopping reproduction and shrinking themselves. Come better times and they grow themselves back to a standard size.

Now aren’t comb jellies actually the ultimate aliens on Earth? They give us a real-time show of how life must have developed in ancient times.

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