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Mystery of pyramid in Egypt

Mystery of pyramid in Egypt

EGYPT - Near the Egyptian city of #Edfu , a previously unknown pyramid has been discovered. It is a so-called step pyramid, originally 43 feet high that dates back about 4,600 years. This type of #pyramid was built earlier than the Great Pyramids.

Step pyramids are one of the most mysterious in Egypt, because no one understands what they were for. They seem to have no inner chambers, so they must have served simply as monuments. However this sounds a little too simple to be true. The newly discovered pyramid near Edfu seems to have been abandoned shortly after it was built.

The area around it seems to have been offering ground for some time. It is almost identical to other step pyramids in the region. There are some hieroglyphs on the pyramid, but archeologists think these were added as graffiti in a later period. They do not tell us anything about the pyramid’s original purpose.
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