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Ancient Egyptian used advanced technology

Ancient Egyptian technology - Traditional archaeologists and historians assume that ancient cultures, though advanced in some ways, did not possess machine technology. Objects and buildings dating from ancient times, are supposed to be more primitive than modern ones.

The image I have taken from Wikipedia .
If one studies the Egyptian pyramids and artifacts in the Cairo Museum however, the evidence is not convincing. However skilled a craftsman is, he or she always leaves some trace. It is simply impossible to work like a machine. The ancient Egyptian constructions and objects  - like in other places, ancient Sumeria and Puma Punku for example - are too perfect to be made manually.

The objects, varying from pots and vases to stone reliefs and gates, are just too perfect. In some cases, there seems to be evidence of mechanical boring. Boreholes in stone have absolutely perfect cylinders. On some objects, a lathe seems to have been used. But there are also really mysterious objects, on which no traces are detectable whatsoever. What mysterious technology was used here? Something like a laser perhaps?

And by the way, what were the objects used for? One of the stranger objects in the Cairo Museum is a lobed schist bowl dated around 3,000 BC. It has been suggested that this was an oil lamp. But it also looks like a wheel that was once part of a much bigger machine. 

It seems that in the earliest Egyptian times, such objects and buildings were made from really hard and difficult materials, like granite and schist. The works are of such quality, that it is almost impossible to do even today. In later Egyptian periods, the technology to work with these materials seems to have been lost. 

All this raises the question: where did ancient people get the technology to do this? What did they know that we don’t? Why did ‘primitive man’ possess such knowledge and was it lost in later times?
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I heard ancient Egyptians used to make houses in such way that indoor atmosphere was cold in summer and warm in winter.

I think. There was an alien technology to egypt.

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